From the recording Bits & Pieces

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They say music soothes the savage beasts
But I’ve known some beasts that tamed some men
Washed them clean of all their sin
And brought them back from battle

I’ve found myself surrounded by
better beasts than you or I
And there’s much more to a cowboy
Than cowboy hats and cattle

I’ve lost a lot and won a few
Roped the wind and rode the blue
Lost it all
Which made the winning sweeter

And when I’ve met with Lady Luck
The bet was made, the match was struck
No matter win or lose
I stood to greet her


I’ve pledged a life to bigger things
Took the leap and missed the rings
Lost my way upon the path I’ve traveled
Couldn’t see in front of me
Eye ignored the heart you see
And life began the day it all unraveled

I’ve learned more than I’d care from pain
The blood gets washed but leaves a stain
Some things go and some things are forever
And underneath the setting sun
When eyes are closed and things are done
The mirror waits to tell us to be better

Cuz that’s what you do
Thats what you do
A time and Place for everything
And that’s what you do

We see the signs but still ignore the warning
Flee the light but pay up in the morning
And even when they’ve done you wrong
You put the blame where it belongs
And get up on your feet and start again

Cuz thats what you do
Cuz that’s what you do